Watch 24: Legacy online on Hulu

24: Legacy is one of the most awaited TV series to arrive in 2017. On February 5th it will premiere after Super Bowl and from February 6th you can watch 24: Legacy online on Hulu.

Since 24: Legacy will return without Jack Bauer we are set to get a new hero. This time our hero is played by Corey Hawkins and he is playing the former war hero Eric Carter. What he believed to be a peaceful life again suddenly turns into a mess as his former co-soldiers have been discovered and someone is coming to hunt down all of them. What will happen from there we do not really know, but a very interesting person that will show up in 24: Legacy is Tony Almeida (he showed up in one of the trailers). Except from that we know very little about any persons from the original TV series that will show up in 24: Legacy.

watch 24 legacy online on hulu

Watch 24: Legacy online

If you are eager to watch 24: Legacy online then you can do so on Hulu from February 6th. And then a new episode will air on Fox already on February 6th, which you will get access to on Hulu already on February 7th. As you probably understand Hulu is the number one platform for those who want to stream 24 Legacy online, so if you do not have a subscription yet then I recommend that you visit Hulu and sign up for one right away (if you use that link you will get two weeks of Hulu for free after signing up).

If you are located outside the United States and want to find out more about how you can watch Hulu from abroad, click the link and you will find it out at once.

It is quite funny that at the time writing this article there is still 10 more days left before the 24: Legacy premiere. The TV series has however a 5,1/10 score on iMDB already and a 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes…

24: Legacy review

By the time you are checking out this article you might have streamed the first episodes of 24: Legacy already. Did you like them? I will try to come back here and write a comment after watching the first two episodes to share my thoughts and feelings about the first two episodes. I feel as if I am looking more forward to 24: Legacy than I did to Christmas last year. And I for sure look more forward to 24: Legacy than I do to  the Super Bowl.

Write your thoughts about Super Bowl, 24: Legacy and whatever is on your mind in the comment field beneath!

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