Can I stream the Oscars on Hulu?

Is it possible to stream the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, on Hulu? How can it be done?

The Academy Awards is a big highlight for the movie industry every single year. It isn’t just one of the highlights, it is the biggest highlight of them all. Everyone in the industry looks to Hollywood to follow the event, and millions of people worldwide stream the event online. But, is it possible to watch the Academy Awards online on Hulu?

I Tonya on Hulu

Can I watch the Academy Awards on Hulu?

If you have a basic Hulu subscription, you will not be able to stream the Academy Awards live online at the website. But, if you own a Hulu Live TV subscription, you will be able to stream the event online, not only the Academy Awards but also the red carpet leading up to the event and so much more.

In other words, you will need to the Hulu Live TV addition in order to stream the event online.

Is it possible to stream the Academy Awards on Hulu Live TV abroad?

If you live outside the United States, you will not be able to sign up for Hulu, nor to pay for and view Hulu Live TV. Is there some way to fix this error? Yes, it is possible to sign up for Hulu and to stream Hulu Live TV outside the United States. It isn’t that hard at all, and you can find detailed instructions on how to watch Hulu and Hulu Live TV abroad here at

But, if your sole goal is to stream the Academy Awards online, there are much easier and cheaper ways to fix that. In the following guide, you can find cheaper and easier ways to stream the Academy Awards online, including a free version on German TV and so much more.

You can also check the following YouTube video for a brilliant solution on how to watch the Academy Awards online.

I hope this has answered your questions about whether or not you can stream the Oscars on Hulu or not. Once again, it is possible to stream the Oscars on Hulu, but it will require you to have a Hulu Live TV subscription which is fairly expensive. But, if you purchase such a package, you will get access to tons of TV series, broadcasting networks, sports events and so much more, so if you like Premier League football, the best TV networks and their live streams in the United States, and similar stuff, Hulu Live TV is a brilliant package.

Can I watch Suits season 9 on Hulu?

Suits season 9 is about to start, but how and where can you stream Suits season 9 online? Can I watch Suits on Hulu? That is a brilliant question!

Suits is a series produced for and by USA Network, and maybe you have noticed it… they do not have many series available on Hulu. So, can you watch the upcoming episodes of the brand new Suits season (which also is the final season of Suits) on Hulu, or do you have to look elsewhere in order to stream Suits season 9?

Suits on Hulu
Suits on Hulu

Suits season 9 on Hulu

You can stream the final season of Suits on Hulu, but you cannot do it with a regular subscription. As you might know, the cheapest package for Hulu costs about 6 USD per month, and if you decide to purchase the ad-free package, it will cost you 12 USD per month. But, with neither of these packages will you be able to watch and stream Suits season 9 on Hulu (nor any of the earlier seasons).

So, what do you need if you want to watch Suits on Hulu? You will need a Live TV package, and that will also require you to pay much more than you would for a normal package.

The Live TV packages start around 45 USD per month, and for that amount of money, you could easily fix some other solutions to stream Suits season 9 online. Did you know that you can stream Suits season 9 on Netflix as well? It is possible, and if you click the link, you will find out how it can be done. You can also watch this little YouTube video to find out more about how it can be done!

But, if you want to watch Suits season 9 on Hulu, you will need to have a Hulu Live TV subscription. So, either get hold of such a subscription today or find another place to stream the final season.

But, can you get access to Hulu Live TV outside the United States?

It is really easy. You just have to follow the instructions at, and you will immediately get access to all the content on Hulu, not only the regular content but also to the content available with a Hulu Live TV package. And yes, it also works with Starz and the HBO Now addon, all available on Hulu.

Are you ready to stream Suits online now? Will you watch the final season on Hulu, or will you stream it somewhere else?