Where to buy a Hulu Gift Card online without an American card?

I am looking for a way to purchase a Hulu Gift Card, but I do not have an American issued card. So far, everywhere I have looked, I have needed an address in the USA and an American issued card to pay for the gift card. As a result, I haven’t succeeded. So, what can I do to buy a Hulu Gift Card abroad without a card issued in the USA?

For a long time, this has been a big challenge to everyone who loves Hulu, but do not live in the USA. We have known about which VPN to use with Hulu for a long time, but if you are unable to actually purchase a subscription, what does it help?

But, luckily, there are ways to buy an actual Hulu Gift Card now that work with the platform, and which will help you sign up, create an account, and stream Hulu abroad.

How to purchase a Hulu Gift card abroad?
How to purchase a Hulu Gift card abroad?

How to purchase a Hulu Gift Card without an American address and payment card?

Are you ready to rock and to stream Hulu? This is what you need to do!

  • Visit the following Gift Card site where you can buy Hulu Gift cards, Apple Store gift cards, and so much more.
  • Buy a Hulu gift card.
  • Redeem your gift card and add the balance to a brand new Hulu account, or to your existing account.

Do not forget, that you need to use a VPN with an American IP address along the way for this to work!

Can I buy a Hulu gift card with Bitcoin?

Can you imagine it? Yes, you can purchase the Hulu gift card with Bitcoin as well. That is simply stunning and amazing, and you can get started using your cryptocurrencies to buy your Hulu gift card immediately. If you are a bigger fan of Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash, those currencies can also be used to buy a Hulu gift card online.

What to stream on Hulu?

Hulu is the number one streaming platform for those who love TV series not produced by Netflix or Amazon. In other words, Hulu is the platform for those in love with the traditional TV series produced by the largest TV networks in the United States. There are few CBS shows on the platform, but besides that, you will find the content from NBC, FOX, ABC, USA Network, and lots of other broadcasting networks on Hulu.

We all have personal favorites on Hulu, and I always use the platform to watch This Is Us, Lethal Weapon, Grey’s Anatomy, Blindpost, The Blacklist, and several other shows. There are some cool Hulu originals available on the platform as well, and the most famous of them all is for sure The Handmaid’s Tale.

Which VPN to use with Hulu abroad?

As you purchase a Hulu Gift card, it isn’t enough just to have a gift card. You need to be located in the United States, or at least, you need to use a VPN that works with Hulu which will give the website an impression that you are in the United States.

There are lots of VPN providers on the market, but the majority of those are blocked by Hulu. That is why using the VPN services of PureVPN is a very good idea when you try to stream Hulu abroad.

Visit PureVPN website

PureVPN has a 31-day full refund policy. You can ask for your money back anytime within the first 31-days, meaning that this is a risk-free investment. One subscription can be used at five devices simultaneously, making this more like five subscriptions for the price of one! You can also use PureVPN to stream Amazon Prime abroad, American Netflix abroad, to stream CBS All Access abroad, and so much more!

When you have signed up for PureVPN, download their VPN client. Open the client and choose the so-called “streaming-mode.” From the list of supported streaming service, pick Hulu. You will then connect to a server in the United States working with Hulu.

Now it is time to stream Hulu or to redeem your Hulu Gift card and then start to stream and enjoy the content on Hulu.

Need help purchasing your Hulu Gift card?

If you need help in addition to what I have written here already, just write a comment. But, you will also find more help at the gift card website, so I am sure that you will succeed and have a great time streaming Hulu with your new account!

Can I pay for Hulu with Bitcoin?

I would love to pay for Hulu with Bitcoin. Is that possible? 

Yes, it is… It is actually quite easy, and it can be done by buying a Hulu Gift Card with Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency). There is one place online where this can be done, and that site is at MyGiftCardSupply.com.

Not only can you buy your Hulu subscription there, but you can also buy Apple Store gift-cards, Google Play Store gift cards, and lots of other cool stuff!

Once you have bought the gift-card, check your email, get the gift card code, and add it to your current Hulu account (or create a brand new one). If you want more information on how this works, check at hulu.fromabroad.org.

Forget about what’s written here… it is outdated…

It is a valid question, but if you are really into cryptocurrencies you will know that Bitcoin is struggling with one specific thing at the moment, transaction fees. If you have your money in any cryptocurrency exchange, you will most likely pay something like 0,001 BTC to transfer your money. That might not seem like a lot of money, but if you take a look at that amount in USD, that is 10 USD (at the moment). So, would you be willing to pay 10 Dollar in order to pay your monthly Hulu fee which might be the same? That is not very likely. And another problem is that you pay your Hulu subscription on a monthly basis, but there is no for Hulu to automatically withdraw money from your private Bitcoin wallet every month. For that reason, and probably lots of others, you can not pay for your Hulu subscription with Bitcoin at the moment.

Hulu with Bitcoin

What about other cryptocurrencies?

That is a valid question, as there are other cryptocurrencies both faster and cheaper than Bitcoin. The main problem might be dealing with the monthly subscription payment, and also the fact that cryptocurrencies aren’t widely accepted as a payment form yet. Some VPN providers accept it, but that is because they are very much into anonymity already. But, for a streaming service like Hulu that is not important, and thus they remain with the traditional payment methods.

We should not forget that Hulu is very strict with only allowing Americans subscribe to their service. For that reason, an American payment card or an American PayPal account is needed to subscribe. If they would accept cryptocurrencies, they would no longer be able to control that, and thus it can not be used.

There are ways to bypass the payment process and sign up for Hulu, also without an American payment card or without American PayPal. You can read more about how to sign up, pay for, and enjoy Hulu abroad in this article.