How many can use a Hulu subscription simultaneously?

I have one Hulu subscription which I would like to use in two places at the same time. Is that possible? How many people can use a Hulu subscription at the same time?

Thank you for asking. Surfing the Internet I tried to find a written down answer from Hulu on this matter, but unfortunately I did not manage to find one. But, based on my personal experience the answer to the question is two. I frequently use this myself as well, because I stream something on Hulu myself, but at the same time friends and family use the same Hulu subscription to stream content at another TV. So, based on my experience so far you can stream Hulu simultaneously at two locations with one single subscription.

Simultaneous Hulu connections
How many can watch Hulu at the same time with one Hulu subscription?

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Have you tried this yourself? Is your experience the same as mine? Give it a try and let me know. If you have experienced something else than me, please let me know.

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