Is Hulu for me?

Are you considering getting yourself a Hulu subscription and now you wonder if Hulu is for you? The answer might be yes, but it might very well also be a no! It all depends!

Is Hulu a service you should use? Is Hulu for you, or should you use something else instead?

Is Hulu for me?
Is Hulu for me?

So, what are the great advantages of Hulu that might make it perfect for you?

First of all, you have a lot of TV series gathered at the same place, and while no other service like Netflix and Amazon Prime get the TV series right away, you can see lots of new episodes available on Hulu already the day after it was originally aired on television. That is simply amazing, and in that way, you can follow your favorite TV series online easily on Hulu!

Another advantage is that you can see TV-series from lots of big producers such as NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABC. These networks cover TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Blacklist, Elementary, Modern Family and several other great shows and award-winning shows. Some of these shows are made available in a way making it possible to watch through all previous seasons all the way up to present time with the latest episodes available, while others are only available with the latest 3–4–5 episodes which have been aired in the present season.

In addition, there are coming more and more great films on Hulu, especially now that quite some films are leaving Netflix and coming to Hulu instead. In other words, Hulu is first of all about TV series, but secondly about films as well

Which are the negatives?

If you subscribe to Hulu to watch the latest episodes of several TV series the truth is that you can do so online without a Hulu subscription as well. If you visit the ABC website you can watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy episodes online, if you visit NBC you can visit the latest The Blacklist episodes online and on the CBS website you can watch the latest Elementary episodes online.

So, you might not actually need this to be able to watch the latest episodes online, but at least all things are gathered very nicely in one place together, and you do not have to watch as many commercials as you do on the websites of the different networks!

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