How did you like the first two episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale (season 2)?

The second season of The Handmaid’s Tale is here, and the first two episodes were both released on April 25th. Have you seen them yet? How did you like them?

Before the arrival of the second season, we had all heard rumors that it would be even more brutal than the first season. We were promised to see what life was like in the colonies, and we were all left wondering, what would be the consequence of the disobedience the handmaid’s performed at the end of season 1. After watching the first two episodes, we know way more, and it can now be said, without a doubt, that the second season is even more brutal than the first.

What is life like in the colonies? You'll find out in The Handmaid's Tale season 2.
What is life like in the colonies? You’ll find out in The Handmaid’s Tale season 2.

I will not spoil anything from the second season, but I can say, that The Handmaid’s Tale is a TV series that make me think. It is also a TV series that I like to converse about with friends and family. Yesterday I spoke to a friend, and I told him what makes me worried and uncomfortable watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Want to know why?

Why I get uncomfortable watching The Handmaid’s Tale!

We do not only see what life is like in the conservative world of Gilead in the TV series. We sometimes see clips of what life was like before the tyranny started, and that is the scary part. Everyone noticed that things were moving in the wrong direction, but they all kept on living their lives like before. It was a hope inside everyone, that this wouldn’t turn as serious as they heard rumors about. People kept living their lives, and then, suddenly, from one day to another, the borders were closed, and then it was too late to escape.

The problem is, we often live in the same way today. There are nations in the world almost similar to Gilead in The Handmaid’s Tale. There are nations moving in the direction, but at the same time, the people living in them don’t care, or they do not have the energy or courage to stand up against it. We hope that what we fear won’t occur, but then one day, who knows, maybe it will be too late.

And yes, I cannot watch The Handmaid’s Tale without thinking about the real world in which we live. I cannot watch The Handmaid’s Tale without thinking about the dictators around the world ruling their countries with an iron hand. And guess what, there are for sure people out there who would be happy to take the place of one of the Handmaids in exchange for the lives they are living somewhere in the world today as a sex-slave or something else.

The Handmaid’s Tale makes me uncomfortable, but I still want to watch it… it is worth it!

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