Homeland just got to Hulu

Have you seen the award winning series Homeland yet? You just got the chance as it turned available on Hulu on August 1st in 2016.

Homeland was only one out of many films and TV series that arrived on Hulu on the first day of August, but the arrival of Homeland came as a big surprise still. It has for a while been available with the Showtime addon for Hulu, but with the new arrival everyone with a Hulu subscription can actually watch Homeland on Hulu.

Homeland on Hulu
You can now watch Homeland on Hulu!

Craig Erwich who is the head of content on Hulu said the following about Homeland on Hulu:

[stbpro id=”info”]”On the heels of another critically acclaimed season and multiple Emmy® nominations, HOMELAND is the perfect addition to Hulu’s growing library of premium exclusive programming. This series has drawn in audiences for years on SHOWTIME and we cannot wait to give even more viewers the chance to watch and discover it on Hulu.”[/stbpro]

I never actually got to really watch Homeland myself. I looked into the three first episodes, but there was to much stuff that I do not like in those, and thus I stopped watching. I will probably not try watching it again, because there are much cooler stuff I can watch instead, both on Hulu, on Netflix, on HBO Now and on Amazon Prime.

But, if you have a Hulu subscription you are now invited to watch the first four seasons of Homeland on Hulu. Have a good time!

If you want to know more about how you can watch Hulu all across the world just press the link. For a full list of all new arrivals to Hulu in August, click here.

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