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Not long ago three Department Q movies were added to Hulu. I was really enthusiastic about them and wrote a dedicated article about it. Now I have gotten to watch the movies, and I am just as happy still!

Hulu is my favorite streaming service when it comes to TV series. But, it is not often that I use Hulu to stream movies. In general, the movies that come to Hulu are either very old, or very bad. But, there are some exceptions, for example, as Hulu added the Baywatch movie with Dwayne Johnson recently. There are some other great movies there as well, but not much to rejoice in. But, with the addition of three Department Q movies, you have three reasons to visit Hulu tonight!

Watch Department Q online
Carl, one of the detectives working in Department Q

Fantastic stuff coming from Scandinavia

If you are into crime novels, you for sure know that there are lots of great author living in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Some great books and movies have originated from these countries, and for example, the TV series The Bridge was a joint production of Swedish and Danish TV. Harry Hole is the figure created by Jo Nesbo, and he has sold millions of books worldwide.

Another popular author is Stieg Larsson, the man behind Millennium series, whereof the first book is named “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” This was first brought to the cinema in Swedish, and later Hollywood created their own international version of the story. I have got to say, the original version from Sweden is the best!

Watch the Department Q movies on Hulu
Watch the Department Q movies on Hulu

Department Q – the three movies

Well, the Department Q series is based on three books written by
 Jussi Adler-Olsen. They tell the story of a police officer who is forced to live his work in the homicide division, and instead, he has to just look through old unclosed cases, in order to close them. He is also given a colleague named Assad, and together they start digging. But, instead of just closing cases, they actually reopen them and discover that both the victims and the perpetrators are still out there.

All the three movies tell stories about cases that were to be closed, but instead they are given new light as Assad and Carl starts digging into them.

This is typical Scandinavian crime stories, and they are simply great to watch. They are a breath of fresh air after watching quite a lot of boring Hollywood stuff. As always, in Scandinavian crime stories, there are quite a lot of brutal scenes (rape etc), and there is also shown some nudity (and sex scenes) from time to time.

If you have seen The Bridge (the series), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or maybe read some of the Jo Nesbo books, this is a perfect continuation of the atmosphere you get watching and reading those books/movies.

I hadn’t even heard about these movies before I saw them coming to Hulu, and now I have turned into a really big fan. If you want to watch something great on Hulu tonight, go ahead and watch the three Department Q movies.

By the way, do not forget to watch them in order.

  • Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes
  • Department Q: The Absent One
  • Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith

Have you seen the Department Q movies? How did you like them? I would love to hear your thoughts about the movies.

For more information on how you can watch Hulu outside the United States, click the link. If you would rather watch something else, and maybe on Netflix instead, take a look at the following video presenting some of the coolest content coming to Netflix in January 2019!

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