How to fix error P-EDU121 on Hulu?

If you have a Hulu subscription and try to stream content on the portal outside the borders of the United States, you will get the P-EDU121 error message on Hulu. What is there to be done about this error message?

P-EDU121 error on Hulu
P-EDU121 error on Hulu

The P-EDU121 error message has quite a lot in common with the P-EDU101 error message. The problem is that Hulu only has the rights to broadcast its content in the United States. So, the TV networks who sell the right to broadcast their shows to Hulu, also sell the broadcasting rights to other TV networks outside the United States. So, to protect their own interests, Hulu has to promise that the content they broadcast will only be made available in the United States.

As a result, whenever you leave the United States and try to watch Hulu, you will see the P-EDU121 error message.

Is there anything you can do to actually fix this? Yes, it is quite easy to fix it, but you also need to watch out, because if not, you will get the P-EDU101 error message instead.

How to fix P-EDU121 error on Hulu?

If you want to fix this error and be able to stream Hulu abroad, you will need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN or the VPN services of PureVPN. These are both brilliant VPN services with servers in approximately 100 different nations worldwide. Once you have a subscription to any of the providers you can connect to all their servers, and there are no bandwidth limitations at all. Besides this, you can use one subscription at five devices, and both providers come with a 30-day full refund policy (in case you do not like the VPN service).

Visit the ExpressVPN website

Click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website. If you use that link, you will even get three months for free if you purchase their 12-months package. ExpressVPN can also be used to unblock BBC, ITV, Amazon Prime, DisneyPlus, Netflix, and lots of other streaming sites and services.

Visit the PureVPN website

Click the button above to take a look at the PureVPN website. This is a cheaper VPN provider that works very well with most streaming services. It isn’t as fast as ExpressVPN, but it is still more than fast enough for you to be able to enjoy Hulu and other streaming sites wherever you might be in the world.

Once you have bought a VPN subscription

When you have bought a VPN subscription to PureVPN or ExpressVPN, download their VPN clients and connect to a server in the United States. In PureVPN, they also have something called streaming mode, from which you can choose Hulu. As a consequence, you will automatically connect to one of their VPN servers in the United States that actually work with Hulu.

ExpressVPN has tons of servers in the United States working with Hulu, so you can just connect to a random server and it will most likely work. If you still get an error message, try a different server!

You are now ready to watch Hulu without error P-EDU121

I hope these instructions have helped you a lot. If you still have a question remaining, or if you run into trouble along the way, write a comment and I will do my best to help you!

How to watch Hulu abroad? [YouTube Instructions]

Hulu is an amazing streaming service, but how you can stream Hulu abroad? I have just published a little tutorial video on YouTube, so if you want to check it out, read on!

It is really something to be mad about if you have a subscription to a streaming service like Hulu, only to discover that you cannot use it abroad. It is even worse if you have bought expensive add-ons, like the HBO Now add-on, and as you sit down to stream the brand new episodes of Game of Thrones season 8, you discover that you cannot stream Hulu abroad. What can you do about it? Watch the following video-tutorial to find out.

If you watch the tutorial above and know that you want to do like I did in the video, visit the ExpressVPN website, sign up for their services and download the ExpressVPN website, just like I have done.

As you visit the website, notice that you will get three months for free if you sign up for their 12 month package. That is a very nice deal worth taking advantage of.

Besides this, you can use ExpressVPN on three different devices at the same time, and they will let you enjoy their 30-day full refund policy in case you do not like their service, their product or some other thing related to the ExpressVPN product.

Do you have any questions after watching the video tutorial?

Have you watched the Hulu from abroad video tutorial on YouTube, but still you have some unanswered questions? Write a comment in the field beneath and I will do my best to help you out.

I love answering questions and helping out, so do not hesitate at sharing whatever is on your heart.

Which is the best VPN for Hulu?

Are you wondering which is the best VPN for Hulu? Is it ExpressVPN like described in the video tutorial, or is there some other VPN service? You will most likely be able to find quite a lot of VPN services out on the market that will help you unblock Hulu. But, to help you understand how it works, we can kind of comparing the VPN services out there with visiting a restaurant.

You might find a VPN provider out there that will give you exactly the pizza you ask for, but nothing more. But, then you have ExpressVPN, like described in the video tutorial. If you use their services it is like entering an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. Not only can you watch Hulu, but you can also enjoy lots of other services, and besides this, you can drink freely at the same time.

In other words, you will get much more than just a basic VPN subscription. You will get much more than just access to Hulu. You will be able to do so much more, and that is why I like recommending ExpressVPN as the number one VPN provider for those who want to get access to Hulu from abroad.

Which VPN provider are you using?

Which VPN provider are you using as you stream Hulu abroad? Please share your experience beneath, I would love to hear from you. If you follow my advice and use ExpressVPN, share your thoughts and let me hear how you like their VPN applications, their VPN servers, their download speeds, and their ability to unblock all sorts of websites online!

Error 3(-996) on Hulu – What is it?

Have you ever gotten the error code 3(-996) on Hulu? I have. What is it about? What is the solution?

hulu error -996
Do you get this error message on Hulu?

I am not a tech expert, but I know that I have received the error code 3(-996) on Hulu. I get the error message when I use an Android device, but why I get it I do not really understand. I have had several suspicions related to the error code, but none seem to be correct.

  • I first thought it was related to a VPN connection, but it wasn’t.
  • I then thought it was related to my SmartDNS connection, but it wasn’t.

How do I know? Because I later used another Android device, and could stream Hulu content with no problem. I then tried to stream Hulu on an iPad, and could do so with no problem. I tried to uninstall and re-install the Hulu application on my Android phone, but that did not work

What is the conclusion about error 3(-996)?

I really have no clue what is causing the error 3(-996) on my Android device. My suspicion is it is connected to some sort of error on my phone, but I do not really get what kind of error.

Have you got any clue? I would love to hear your comments!

Can I watch Hulu Live TV in Windows?

Hulu Live TV has been here for about a month in beta version, but I can not watch it in Windows. Is that a mistake? Is it possible to stream Hulu Live TV in Windows?

Hulu Live TV is a brilliant service that feels quite similar to services such as YouTube TV and DirecTV. The difference however is that lots of people actually use Hulu already, and thus a subscription tot he live TV services from Hulu will feel cheaper than the monthly fees you pay by YouTube TV, DirecTV and Fubo TV. There is however a slight problem, because Hulu Live TV is not available for all platforms yet. You can in other words not use Hulu Live TV on all platforms yet.

You can watch Hulu Live TV on the following platforms:

If you have a Chromecast, an Apple TV, an Android or an iOS device or an Xbox, then you can stream Hulu Live TV at home right away with a valid subscription.

You can NOT watch Hulu live TV on:

If you have a normal Mac or a Windows computer you will however not be able to watch live TV at the very moment. This is probably a question of only days or months before that will change, but at the time I am writing this article Hulu Live TV can not be watched on a Windows computer or a Mac computer. That is quite a pity, but hopefully this will change within shortly.

Is there a way to stream Hulu live TV from abroad? I do not have a working method up and going just yet, but I will of course write more about it as soon as I get to know more about it.

Looking for a VPN working with Hulu? Look no further!

There are lots of people out there looking for a VPN working with Hulu. Which VPN to use for this purpose? Which VPN providers to avoid? The complete guide!

Hulu was one of the first streaming services to implement advanced VPN blocking. Back in 2015 they got their own register of IP addresses (from VPN providers) which were to be blocked from their services. Since then Netflix and Amazon Prime (and several other services) have followed in their footsteps, and blocking the IP addresses provided by VPN providers is now frequently happening in the online world. There are however holes in the system, and thus you can still find VPN providers still working with Hulu. Unfortunately these streaming services work day and night to block such services, and thus a service working today, might not work tomorrow, but there are some VPN providers which has been working constantly with Hulu all the time, and this I have great hopes that they will keep on working for months and years to come as well.

Which VPN services work with Hulu?

As I mentioned earlier, most VPN services do not work with Hulu. But, there are a few brilliant exceptions, and here I will tell you about those.

Things may change in the future

This article was written and published on May 15th in 2017, so with time this article will become outdated. For an updated article, visit the front page to see more about which VPN providers are the best for streaming Hulu from abroad. But, with the recent changes in the USA, not only people abroad use a VPN to stream Hulu, but more and more Americans want to use a VPN while streaming Hulu content, simply to stay safe, secure and encrypted online.

If you want to stay safe, secure and encrypted while streaming Hulu online, these are three VPN providers you can currently use.

Visit PureVPN websiteVisit HideMyAss websiteVisit Unlocator website

Press any of the buttons above, and you can give the services a try. Be aware of the fact that all services have either a free trial option, or a money back policy, so there is no risk in trying any of them.

What is your experience streaming Hulu with a VPN?

Have you tried streaming Hulu with a VPN provider that did not work? Why don’t you write a comment to tell me which VPN provider you used that did not work. And if you have used a VPN provider that let you stream Hulu (using their services), please include that information as well.

If you have a comment or a question, please use the comment field as well!

Hulu thinks I’m using a proxy. What can I do?

Do you get an error message when you visit Hulu. Does Hulu think that you are using a proxy? What can be done to fix this?

If you are in the mood to stream the latest episode of 24: Legacy on Hulu, then you will be really sad if you are stopped by a Proxy error message. There might be several reasons for you getting such an error, and here I will tell you what you can do!

Get rid of the proxy-error on Hulu

Are you actually using a VPN or a proxy?

To get rid of the proxy error on Hulu, first you need to find out if you are actually using a proxy or a VPN or something similar. If the answer is yes, then the problem is that the service you are using or the proxy server you use is blocked by Hulu. If that is the problem, then you should stop using the one you are currently using, and instead start using a service that will actually help you out and fix the problem. You can find out more about working services at the front page of this site, or you can simply start using the services of PureVPN right away.Visit PureVPN website

Once you sign up for Hulu you can download their application. With the application installed you open it and choose that you want to stream Hulu. You can then connect and visit or re-open the Hulu application on your tablet or phone, and you can watch Hulu right away without a proxy error.

Are you not doing anything, but still getting the proxy error message?

If that is so, then there are two things that you can do. You can contact Hulu customer service to see if they can help, or you should ask your system administrator. Maybe you are using a computer or a device behind a firewall and you use a VPN or a proxy without you knowing about it. If so you could contact your system administrator to find out if that is actually happening. Maybe he/she can help you out, or maybe not…

If you want to take the matter into your own hands then follow the instructions above, use PureVPN, and you can bypass any added VPN/proxy and watch Hulu without proxy error, not matter where you might be in the world!

Have a good time streaming Hulu without a proxy error. If you have any trouble or maybe have a question, use the comment field beneath.

How to watch Hulu on Apple TV overseas?

hulu-on-apple-tvWould you like to watch Hulu on your Apple TV outside the USA? Do you have a Hulu subscription, but can’t watch it? Find out how to watch Hulu on Apple TV overseas!

Hulu is a streaming service limited to USA. As a consequence you will not be able to access and watch Hulu as you travel to another country. This can of course be fixed easily and if you read these instructions you will find out how to watch and enjoy Hulu outside the US in Windows, on Android and on iOS systems. But, what is the best and easiest way to watch Hulu on your Apple TV?

Watch Hulu on Apple TV abroad

If you want to watch Hulu on your Apple TV when outside the USA, this is what you need!

First step

Visit the Unlocator website and sign up for their services. They have a seven day free trial with no strings attached, so there is no risk in trying this!

Visit Unlocator website

After signing up make sure to confirm your email address. You can then log into the control panel at the Unlocator website and you are ready for step two.

Second step

Start your Apple TV and enter Settings – Network. There you need to manually setup DNS servers, something that can be done easily. There you will need to type in the DNS servers provided to you by Unlocator (normally / ). Once you have typed in these DNS servers you need to go back to Settings. Then enter System and restart your Apple TV.

Third step

Once your Apple TV has restarted you can open the Hulu application and start watching! If it doesn’t work, then you might want to totally shut of your Apple TV (remove the plug for 10 seconds) and then start it up again.

If you do not have the Hulu application on your Apple TV

If you do not have the Hulu application on your Apple TV, you might get some trouble. To get this you will need to have a US Apple ID, and that can be a quite troublesome thing to get. You can follow the instructions in this article to find out more about how you can get one.

I hope these instructions will help you. If you have comments or questions, use the comment field beneath.

Have a great time watching Hulu on your Apple TV from abroad.

Can I watch Hulu in Canada?

Maybe you have noticed that if you visit the Hulu website in Canada you will not be able to watch the content available there. Why is that? Hulu is not available in Canada, only in the United States. So, what can you do if you want to watch Hulu in Canada?

Hulu has some great content available like The Mindy Project, Difficult People, Casual, Hot Wives of Las Vegas, Deadbeat, The Awesomes, The Hotwives of Orlando and quite some other series. These are Hulu productions which can not be seen elsewhere, and in addition they also let you watch the latest episodes of shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Blood and Oil, Blindspot, The Blacklist and most other popular TV series. And lately they have also gained access to more and more films, meaning that at the time I am writing this you can watch films like Interstellar and quite some Hunger Games movies on Hulu. But, how to watch Hulu in Canada?

The MIndy Project on Hulu in Canada
Of course you can watch The Mindy Project on Hulu in Canada

Watch Hulu in Canada

To watch Hulu in Canada you need to get an US IP address. The easiest and quickest way to get one is to sign up for the super cheap VPN services of PureVPN. Once you have signed up you simply download their program to Windows, to iOS or to Android and connect to a server in the United States. As soon as you are connected you have a local IP address in the United States and you can at once visit the Hulu website and enjoy your current subscription (or sign up for a new one) and thus watch Hulu in Canada as well.

These instructions are not only valid for watching Hulu in Canada, but you can also use these instructions to watch Hulu in China, Japan, Australia and any other country in the world.

Do you have any problems? Just write a comment and I will do my best to help, but hopefully it will work smoothly and you will find yourself enjoying Hulu programs and movies in Canada in a few minutes from now! Have fun doing so!

How to watch Hulu in Spain?

Would you like to watch Hulu in Spain? As you might know Hulu is only available in the USA, but there are still no need to cry, because there are of course a way in which you can watch Hulu in Spain as well. Just read on!

As you visit they do a background check on you to check out where in the world you are located. They are finding this information based on your IP address, and that is why changing your IP address is the solution if you want to watch Hulu in Spain or in any other nation in the world. Since Hulu is only available in the United States you will need to get yourself an American IP address, and the way to get an American IP address is to use the services of PureVPN, a VPN provider I have learned to appreciate over the years.Visit PureVPN website

If you visit their website and sign up for their services then you can at once download their VPN client and with this you select for example US Fastest Server or TV Watching USA. Once this is done you connect and in a few seconds you will be connected to a server in the USA, have a US IP address and now you can revisit the Hulu website and start watching at once!

Hulu in Spain
Watch Hulu in Spain using PureVPN

And now that you have everything in order you can start watching your favorite TV shows on Hulu like Seinfeld, Vikings, Grey’s Anatomy, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, The Mindy Project and of course lots of great films as well!

Do you have any questions related to watching Hulu from abroad? Write a comment to this article or read my main article that deals with how to watch Hulu from abroad.

Watching Vikings on Hulu
Here is a picture taken as I watch Vikings on Hulu from abroad!

Enjoy watching!

How to watch Hulu on Playstation from abroad?

Hulu on PlaystationDo you have a Playstation 3 or a Playstation 4 and would like to watch Hulu on it, but it is not working because you are located outside the USA?

To watch Hulu on your Playstation 3 or on your Playstation 4 from abroad this is what you need to do!

First of all you will need a PureVPN subscription and the best you can do, and by far the easiest, is if you include SmartDNS as you sign up for their services. If you do not get to enable it upon registration, then you can do so later in the live chat! Visit PureVPN website

Sign up for the PureVPN services and now follow these descriptions to watch Hulu on your Playstation from abroad!

Hulu on Playstation abroad

The easiest is as I mentioned earlier to get this working with PureVPN SmartDNS. To get this working simply do as follows:

  1. Select Settings and then Network Settings.
  2. Select Internet Connection Settings.
  3. Select ‘Yes’ when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet.
  4. Select Custom.
  5. Do not change anything, only when you come to DNS settings.
  6. Select Manual and add the following values.
    Primary:, Secondary:
  7. Press right button until you get to the end and check connection.
  8. This should now be working and you will be able to watch Hulu on your Playstation!

Watch Hulu on Playstation with a special router

The other thing you can do is to setup either your PureVPN VPN connection on your router or SmartDNS and their DNS servers on your router. This is a bit more complicated, but if I had to choose I would tell you to go for the SmartDNS solution here as well, because it is much, much easier than the VPN connection.

If you use the SmartDNS solution you will need to log in to your router and change its settings to manually use the DNS servers of your choice, and then you will of course need to use the DNS servers that were described earlier in this article.

And once more, there are lots of more guides and information on how this works on the PureVPN website, so just go ahead and you will get thorough manuals and descriptions on the PureVPN website as well making sure that you will be able to watch Hulu on your Playstation, also from outside the United States.Visit PureVPN website

If you have problems finding the Hulu application on your Playstation then you will need to create a new Playstation ID registered in the United States, and once you use this user on your Playstation you will be able to download the Hulu application to your Playstation!

If you want to watch Amazon Videos on your Playstation, then you can read more about how this works in the following article.