Can I watch Westworld on Hulu?

Westworld is the newest and most popular HBO TV series at the moment. Would you like to watch Westworld on Hulu? Is it possible?

Westworld had its premiere on HBO in the start of October 2016. It has received lots of praise, especially for the music, for the graphics and for the entire atmosphere surrounding the show. Personally I have watched some episodes, but I am far away from falling in love and there are tons of TV series I’d rather watch than Westworld. But, maybe I am a bit primitive as I would rather watch shows like Scorpion, Macgyver, Lethal Weapon and Designated Survivor instead of Westworld. But, this article isn’t about me, but about Westworld and whether or not you can watch it on Hulu!


Can I watch Westworld on Hulu?

If you would like to watch Westworld on Hulu you will have the same problem as when you try to watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu. Due to the popularity of the show and the fact that the creators have their very own streaming platform they will not give it into the hands of other streaming platforms. Just like CBS stream The Big Bang Theory on CBS All Access (and not on Hulu), HBO stream Westworld on HBO Now (and not on Hulu). If they would give away these popular shows to a platform like Hulu they would most likely commit suicide, as these are the TV shows that bring users to their own platforms in the first place.

The answer to your question is therefore: You can not watch Westworld on Hulu.

Can you watch Game of Thrones on Hulu then? Of course not, and the reason is exactly the same as for why you can not watch Westworld on Hulu. My suggestions is therefore that you should either skip watching Westworld, or you need to get yourself a subscription to HBO Now. The decision is yours. What will you choose?

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