Can I watch Scorpion on Hulu?

Scorpion is one of my favorite TV series on CBS and that is why I really hoped that I could watch Scorpion with my Hulu subscription. Is it possible?

I must admit that Scorpion is a TV series that I do like. I have read quite a lot of bad Scorpion reviews, but little do I care about the fact that some people do not like it. The most important is that I do enjoy an episode of Scorption. It is also interesting that someone wrote that this is like a modern Macgyver. I never thought of that, but in a way it is quite similar to Macgyver. The Scorpion crew are brilliant people and thus they can fix any problem simply using their minds and whatever they might be surrounded with in the time of trouble. To be honest, it might be that Scorpion reminds more of the original Macgyver then the new and modern CBS version of Macgyver do. But, let us return to the question. Can I watch Scorpion on Hulu?

Is Scorpion on Hulu? Or do I have to watch Scorpion online elsewhere?

Is it possible to watch Scorpion on Hulu?

Just like with Bull and with Kevin Can Wait… you can not watch Scorpion on Hulu. CBS has their very own streaming portal and platform named CBS All Access, and if they would give all their programs to Hulu then there would be no more need for CBS All Access. So, for that reason (I believe) they have decided to stream Scorpion on CBS All Access, and as a result we can not watch Scorpion on Hulu. Isn’t that a pity?

If you want to watch Scorpion at all costs then visit CBS and watch the episodes on CBS All Access. If you want to know more about how you can access and watch CBS All Access from abroad, visit

I am still happy!

Why am I happy if I can not watch Scorpion on Hulu? Well, there are so many other TV series to watch on Hulu. Why not watch the newest episode of Timeless (NBC series) instead? Or watch Elementary, a CBS series that for some reason can be found and watch on Hulu. The opportunities are endless and you can read more about how you can watch Hulu from abroad in the linked article.

Have a good time viewing your screen!


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