Can I watch Bull on Hulu?

Bull is the name of the brand new CBS series featuring Micheal Weatherly as Dr. Bull, a psychologist who is an expert at reading people. Would you like to watch Bull on Hulu?

I just watched the first episode of Bull on the CBS website. I did not become an immediate fan of the TV series, but ti was still interesting and approaching the “lawyer” kind of TV series from a different perspective. Bull had lots of viewers during the pilot episode, and might turn into a real hot-shot TV series. But, where can you watch Bull online? Can I watch Bull on Hulu?


Watch Bull on Hulu

Unfortunately CBS is quite careful giving away their TV series to Hulu. That is why CBS fans will probably want to get a CBS All Access subscription instead, because there are simply to many CBS series that is missed from Hulu. If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory then you will not be able to watch it on Hulu. If you like NCIS (any of the different NCIS series) then you can not watch that either on Hulu. The same is true about Scorpion and the same is true about the upcoming Macgyver TV series and about Bull.

Macgyver is a little exception, because the first episode of Macgyver (with 22 episodes) starring Richard Dean Anderson is available on Hulu, but that is fairly little compared to all episodes from all seasons which can be seen on CBS All Access.

I will not miss Bull that much from Hulu myself, but it would be great if the new Macgyver episodes and of course The Big Bang Theory would become available on Hulu. But, with CBS All Access getting more and more popular there is little reason to believe that CBS will let their own TV series be streamed on Hulu. But, instead you can watch a whole lot of NBC series on Hulu and the same is true about Fox series.

You can for example visit Hulu to watch the new TV series named “The Good Place” and “This is us” (NBC series) or you can watch the brand new Fox series named Lethal Weapon giving us even more time once a week to know Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs even better.

Don’t have your Hulu subscription yet? Go ahead and sign up right away. If you have problems getting yourself a payment card which is needed to pay for US Hulu, follow the instructions in this article.


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