Can I watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu?

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV series in the world. But, can I watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu with my Hulu subscription?

It is incredible how a group of nerds can bring millions of people to their screens every single week, all across the world. The Big Bang Theory tops the lists in the USA of TV series with most viewers, and it is also a top show in other nations like England and in Australia. Are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory? Would you like to watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu?

I would like to watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu. Is it possible?

Is it possible to watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu?

I would love to answer yes to that question, but unfortunately I can not. The Big Bang Theory is a CBS series and it might just as well be their most important of all shows. That means there is power in the rights to broadcast The Big Bang Theory, and that might be the reason why they keep the rights to broadcast it themselves. As a result you can stream the newest episodes of The Big Bang Theory on CBS All Access, but you can not stream the new episodes on Hulu, even if you should have a Hulu subscription.

As a matter of fact this is not only true for The Big Bang Theory. CBS is witholding most of their TV series from Hulu, meaning that other shows such as Kevin Can Wait, Bull, Scorpion, Pure Genius and similar shows only can be seen on CBS All Access and not on Hulu.

What do you think of that? Do you like it? I don’t, but there ain’t much I can do about that. Well, I can stop watching The Big Bang Theory, but that is out of the question. After all Sheldon Cooper and his friends feel like my own friends now, so I can not leave them alone without knowing what they are up to!

Personally that is why I have a CBS All Access subscription in addition to my Hulu subscription. And by the way, I live in Europe, but following these instructions I am still able to access both CBS All Access and Hulu. Isn’t that quite cool?

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