You can now stream The Handmaid’s Tale online

One of the most anticipated new TV series in 2017 is The Handmaid’s Tale. The first three episodes were released on April 26th on Hulu, with new episodes coming weekly. This is how to stream the episodes online on Hulu from abroad.

The Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale is built on the book written by Margaret Atwood in 1985, and the TV series is made by Bruce Miller. The first season consist of 10 episodes, meaning that you can expect weekly episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale until early summer.

You can read more about The Handmaid’s Tale further down, but let me first tell how you can stream The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu if you are located outside the United States.

Watch The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu from abroad

There are lots of TV series to stream on Hulu, but right now The Handmaid’s Tale is the most popular and interesting content on the streaming service. In order to access Hulu abroad, you will need to use a VPN service with IP address in the United States that allow you to stream Hulu from abroad. For that purpose, I currently want to recommend HideMyAss, the biggest of all VPN providers. Click the button beneath, sign up for their services (they have big discounts throughout May), download their VPN client and connect to their US server at Liberty Island. Once connected (it takes a few seconds), visit and you are ready to watch Hulu from abroad.

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More worth knowing about The Handmaid’s Tale

The story in The Handmaid’s Tale takes place in the near future in Gilead (former United States). A civil war is troubling the nation and the government is leading its people in a totalitarian way, following fundamentalist principles. One of the biggest challenges is the way women are treated, as they are not allowed to work, control money, read or do anything that will make them “grow” in character.

One of the biggest sorrows in this near future is an environmental contamination that makes most women infertile. Women still fertile are hunted down, and they are forced to regular sex with people of high value, in order to bring children to their house. That might be considered a penalty, but for these women their fertility is what keeps them alive. Those infertile are sent away to a certain death.

The Handmaids Tale online

The main character in The Handmaid’s Tale is Offred, a lady who was taken away from her husband and child, in order to become a handmaid at her master Fred’s house. Elisabeth Moss plays Offred, while Joseph Fiennes plays the role as Commander Fred Waterford. If you didn’t know it already, then Jospeh Fiennes is the brother of Ralph Fiennes (you can see the similarities), and you might have seen Joseph Fiennes recently for his role as Clavius in the movie Risen. He also played the role as Martin Luther in the movie Luther from 2003.

  • The Handmaid’s Tale has an R rating, meaning that it is only intended for adult viewers.

Based on the first ratings 24 hours after the premiere on Hulu on April 26th, The Handmaid’s Tale has received only top ratings everywhere.

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I haven’t watched The Handmaid’s Tale myself yet

I have not been able to stream all the episodes yet myself, but I must admit that it looks really good what I have seen. Everything is happening in quite slow motion, so this is not a fast-paced TV series, but taking it all slowly, creating an atmosphere that will make an impact on you as you watch The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

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