Can I watch The Blacklist on Hulu?

The Blacklist on HuluHulu has lots of TV series from NBC in their list of available programs, but can The Blacklist be found among the TV series available? Is The Blacklist on Hulu?

It was available for a very little amount of time if I remember correct, but as I just checked it out you can not watch Mr. Reddington on Hulu. In other words you can not watch season 1, season 2 or season 3, meaning that you will have to watch something else on Hulu instead. Instead of watching The Blacklist on Hulu I would therefore recommend that you watch The Blindspot instead, which is a quite similar TV series to The Blacklist, also produced by NBC, but this one can be found on Hulu at least.

Where should I watch it since I can not see The Blacklist on Hulu?

If you still feel like The Blacklist is what you want to see then you can choose one of the following ways to watch The Blacklist online.

  1. If all you want to do is to watch the latest episodes of The Blacklist then you can do so at the NBC website for free. The latest five episodes broadcasted are normally available on their website. If you want to know more about how this works and especially how you can watch NBC in Europe, read the linked article.
  2. Your second option if you want to watch all seasons and episodes of The Blacklist is to either buy them on DVD on or buy them as Amazon Instant Videos and watch them on Amazon. You can read more about The Blacklist on in the linked article and on that site you will also find information on how to watch and its videos in Europe.

Since The Blacklist can not be found on Hulu you will have to watch it elsewhere. But, there are lots of goodies on Hulu, so hopefully you will find some other TV series to watch instead. If you have suggestions for TV series similar to The Blacklist on Hulu, write a comment and share what you had in mind!

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