Can I watch Mr. Robot on Hulu?

Mr. Robot just won some Golden Globe awards and now you probably want to watch this technology thriller online on Hulu. But is it possible to watch Mr. Robot on Hulu?

For a time it was possible to watch Mr. Robot on Hulu, but unfortunately Hulu lost to rights to show Mr. Robot, and therefore you can no longer watch Mr. Robot on Hulu. But, instead of Mr. Robot you can also watch fantastic TV series such as Casual and The Mindy Project, both Hulu productions. And in addition you can watch great TV series such as Blood and Oil, The Blacklist, Blindspot and several others.

Mr Robot on Hulu

If you still really want to watch Mr. Robot on Hulu, then you will have to forget about it. But, you can watch Mr. Robot online still on At the moment you can buy the rights to watch Mr. Robot on as Instant Videos, but in the near future the first season will also be made available online to Amazon Prime members, so that is a real goody for Prime members coming up there.

But, Hulu members should not suffer either, because in the last part of 2016 a new TV series named Chance will be aired on Hulu, and it is a medical TV series featuring Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) in the main role! That is something to look forward to.

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