Watch Victoria & Abdul on Hulu

On July 28th the movie Victoria & Abdul will be added to Hulu. Watch the story of how the queen of England finds a new best friend in the Indian peasant Abdul, and how their friendship causes both challenges, problems, and blessings.

It is hard to imagine what life might be like for the Queen of England. But, this movie gives us a little taste of what it might be like, and all sorts of battles the queen have to fight in her everyday life. Is she making decisions herself, or does she always have to listen to the people around her?

Victoria and Abdul on Hulu

In Victoria and Abdul, which can be seen on Hulu from July 28th, we also meet the peasant Abdul from India. He is visiting the Royal Palace to help out with matters, but Victoria immediately pays notice of the new guy. Abdul has some trouble keeping up with the manners expected of him, but instead of making Vitoria angry, she is rather attracted to the mentality and wisdom of Abdul. This lays the foundation for a very special friendship between the two of them.

Not everyone is happy about the friendship between Victoria and Abdul. The people surrounding Victoria believe that her mind is poisoned by the wisdom imparted to her by Abdul. They do not find it suitable for a Queen to walk around with a normal peasant backgrounded Indian. This lays the foundation for the entire movie.

The extraordinary actor Judie Dench plays the role as Queen Victoria, and she does so tremendously well.  Doesn’t this sound like an interesting movie? You can take a look at the Abdul & Victoria trailer beneath this text.

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