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Soon you can watch CBS shows on Hulu

It came as a giant surprise to me, but today it was announced that CBS will cooperate with Hulu in the near future. The consequence is that Hulu users can watch NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, Macgyver and other CBS shows with their Hulu subscription. Now there are many unanswered questions related to the cooperation between CBS and Hulu. It is first of all about live television, but it is… Read More »

Can I watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu?

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV series in the world. But, can I watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu with my Hulu subscription? It is incredible how a group of nerds can bring millions of people to their screens every single week, all across the world. The Big Bang Theory tops the lists in the USA of TV series with most viewers, and it… Read More »

Can I watch Scorpion on Hulu?

Scorpion is one of my favorite TV series on CBS and that is why I really hoped that I could watch Scorpion with my Hulu subscription. Is it possible? I must admit that Scorpion is a TV series that I do like. I have read quite a lot of bad Scorpion reviews, but little do I care about the fact that some people do not like it. The most important… Read More »

Can I watch Bull on Hulu?

Bull is the name of the brand new CBS series featuring Micheal Weatherly as Dr. Bull, a psychologist who is an expert at reading people. Would you like to watch Bull on Hulu? I just watched the first episode of Bull on the CBS website. I did not become an immediate fan of the TV series, but ti was still interesting and approaching the “lawyer” kind of TV series from… Read More »