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By | Posted on October 19, 2017

Marley on HuluA couple of weeks ago I streamed the movie “Naked” on Netflix. I had never heard of the main actor before, nor seen him. Then I opened Hulu, and the streaming service introduced me to their new original Hulu series named Marley.

In Marley, we meet the character Marley, played by Marley Wayans. He is the guy also having the main role in the Netflix original movie Naked. I have now streamed the first two episodes of Marley, and I must say, that it is a very easy to watch TV series, quite similar to Kevin Can Wait. You do not need to pay attention, you can join in at any time, there are small jokes everywhere, and it is something that you can watch together with the family.

I must admit, that Marley Wayans is one of those TV series I can easily watch, but I will not suffer if I do not watch it for a year or two. If you have 20 minutes and nothing to do, why not stream an episode of Marley on Hulu?

Marley, Kevin Can Wait, The Good Place

I have a category in my mind, in which I have added Marley, Kevin Can Wait and The Good Place. These are all TV series aimed at making you laugh, and they all do. But, they are not that important, and they supply me with a good laugh whenever I have the time and do not have something more important to stream on Hulu, Netflix or elsewhere.

Have you seen Marley? Did you enjoy it?

What is Marley about?

Marley is a crazy guy, who doesn’t seem to have a job. Or, he has a job, and that is to spend all his time at his ex-wife’s house. They are divorced, but they are happily divorced, and now they spend a lot of time together. But, he doesn’t like the thought of his ex-wife moving on, and he holds onto everything that reminds him of his past.

Marley is the happy daddy, the one taking the kids to all the cool programs, while the mum is the strict one. This can of course cause some tension, but first of all, a lot of cool situations.


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