Do I like The Mindy Project?

By | Posted on October 1, 2018

The Mindy Project is the name of a Hulu TV series, created for Hulu and made available on Hulu. They are not as big on producing own material as Netflix and Amazon, but The Mindy Project is a good start and it is well worth watching if you want to watch a funny TV series.

I must admit that I am not watching The Mindy Project myself on a permanent basis, but that is simply because I do not have the time to watch all TV series that I do like and find amusing. I have to select and since there are TV series that I do find even more amusing and better than The Mindy Project, this is not a show I decided to put on the top of my list, but if I were to travel and sit on a plain for 24 hours this is for sure something I would consider watching if I were to kill some hours instead of being bored.

The Mindy Project

In the Mindy Project, we follow a young girl who has a kind of messy life. She is a doctor, she often ends up in the bed with new guys and seems to have a hard time finding the true love of her life. This leads her to say lots of strange stuff, behaving in ways that catch attention and not always in the most positive way and gives her a somewhat interesting relationship with her colleagues at the hospital.

This is not at all a TV series like for example Grey’s Anatomy, so even though the main person is a doctor, this is not about her patients and their treatment, but much more about the doctor herself and her personal life and craziness.

So, to be honest, I do like The Mindy Project, but I would rather watch an episode of TV series such as The Odd Couple, Big Bang Theory or maybe The Blacklist before I would sit down and watch one more episode of The Mindy Project.

But, if I were to watch The Mindy Project I would visit and watch it there, after all it is a Hulu production. If you want to give The Mindy Project a try then you can watch it on If you are located outside the USA visit the following article for more information on how you can watch from overseas!

Do you like The Mindy Project? Are you watching it? Write a comment and share your thoughts!

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