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You can now stream HBO on Hulu

Hulu is expanding even more, and right now you can sign up for HBO on Hulu. You no longer need a stand-alone HBO Now subscription, but you can sign up for HBO Now at the Hulu website. HBO will be a add-on to the Hulu service, in the same way as you can add Cinemax and Showtime. The HBO add-on costs 15 USD a month, exactly the same you would… Read More »

Now you can stream Six at Hulu

I knew nothing about the TV series Six before it suddenly showed up on my Hulu starting page. Now the full first season is available on Hulu, so stream it if you feel like. Six is an action TV series about a group of navy seals. They all return to the United States, but their former boss is taken captive on foreign ground. Now the team has to get back… Read More »

Watch Ace Ventura on Netflix

Want to celebrate summer and June with Ace Ventura? On June 1st both Ace Ventura movies will be added to Hulu! I do not know why, but for some reason I am such a big fan of the Ace Ventura movies. The first movie I watched more than ten times (more than ten years ago), and the second movie I have also seen quite a lot of times. Watching them… Read More »

You can now stream The Handmaid’s Tale online

One of the most anticipated new TV series in 2017 is The Handmaid’s Tale. The first three episodes were released on April 26th on Hulu, with new episodes coming weekly. This is how to stream the episodes online on Hulu from abroad. The Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale is built on the book written by Margaret Atwood in 1985, and the TV series is made by Bruce Miller. The first… Read More »

Coming to Hulu in May 2017

May is only a few days away, and here is the full list of movies and TV series coming to Hulu in May. Not so much I look forward to, but hopefully you feel different as you look through the list. It is worth noticing that the titles with a * next to them, means that they will only be available for people with an extra Showtime subscription. If you… Read More »

New on Hulu April 2017

There will come quite some new stuff to Hulu in April 2017. I am not looking forward to much of it, but the arrival of the Fox series Prison Break (season 5) will for sure be a highlight. Want to know more about all the other stuff that will come to Hulu in April 2017? I will not publish the list here myself, but instead you can press the link… Read More »

Watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Hulu

Are you in the mood for a fantastic Disney movie tonight? Why don’t you take a break to watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Hulu? Many people use Hulu only for streaming TV series, but you should not forget that Hulu is also about watching movies. If you look around at you will at once find great movies like Interstellar, and also quite a lot of Disney movies.… Read More »

Coming to Hulu March 2017

Every month I give you information about what’s coming to Hulu in the coming month. So, what can you expect on Hulu in March 2017? I have just taken a look at the list of new movies and TV series coming to Hulu in March 2017. After looking through the list I must say that it is not as interesting as the February list. The reason is simple… in February… Read More »

I just watched the 24: Legacy pilot episode on Hulu

One of the most awaited TV shows in 2017 is here. 24: Legacy was made available on Hulu about one hour ago, and I have already finished the pilot episode. I have been writing quite a lot of articles here and there on different blogs about the upcoming 24: Legacy. But, as of now I do not have to wait anymore, because the season has started and the first episode… Read More »

Watch 24: Legacy online on Hulu

24: Legacy is one of the most awaited TV series to arrive in 2017. On February 5th it will premiere after Super Bowl and from February 6th you can watch 24: Legacy online on Hulu. Since 24: Legacy will return without Jack Bauer we are set to get a new hero. This time our hero is played by Corey Hawkins and he is playing the former war hero Eric Carter.… Read More »